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Before anything even happened, we had talked about it. I used to be really against marriage, but I've warmed up to the idea. One night, we were just hanging out in my room, and he asked if he ever gave me a circle (a ring), would I say yes. I nodded, and we hugged for a long time. After that, I'd occasionally see rings online that I thought were pretty and email him the links. I figured he would wait a while.

Fast forward to December 2009. We were all shopping for presents for the other team for Battle Christmas. You're thinking, "What the hell is Battle Christmas?" It's our group of friends' day near regular Christmas, where we all gather in Ray's basement, also known as the Batcave, and exchange presents. Only we've selected teams back in November and have been working together to get awesome gifts for everyone.

One day we were in Roosevelt Field Mall. I wanted to get to FYE to get this fuzzy Kingdom Hearts blanket for John, so I didn't mind John and Katie going off by themselves. I believe I ended up following Tom and Ray to FYE. I didn't know at the time, but they were off picking out a ring.

A few days before Battle Christmas, we were arguing about something, or I was just upset. I just remember not being happy. I was sitting on his bed, the top bunk, and he was leaning over when a little white box fell out his pocket. I went to grab it to take a closer look, but he took it back, saying "That's not for you." I didn't think much of it, since I was upset, and he seemed grumpy. Then I believe we went to Taco Bell with Katie, Ray, and a few other people (we would.)

Battle Christmas night. I originally showed up in a shirt, skirt, and Christmas hat, but changed into my kimono. It was supposed to be part of a present for Andres, but we never bought the brownies. It took a while, but we finally gave out all the presents, the last one being Ray's emergency pirate chest of party supplies. We passed out some candy cane shot glasses and other sweets because who doesn't like candy? I was eating a chocolate, and went throw out the wrapper. Turned around, and saw John on the floor with a ring. I really don't know if I said yes or nodded, but he hugged me, and brought me over toward the laundry room. Next thing I know, everyone's around congradulating us.

After that, I did what else, but post on livejournal about it then stared at my ring, while everyone else attacked Ingg with fingerpaints.

And if the story isn't enough, here's the video Katie recorded.
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