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We aren’t going to be one of those crazy couples that need you to be matchy-matchy (ex: “Here’s the specific dress, shoes, and hair you need to have OR ELSE. BRIDEZILLA RAGE!”) All we’d like is if you attempt to go along with the theme: autumn oddities. Clothing and accessories should be autumn-coloured (reds, orange, bronze, gold, greens, browns.) Think of the shades! Try not to go for a light green that would go better in spring, or whatever else sort of seems out of season. If you're concerned, feel free to check with us.

Please wear dresses that are around knee or tea length. With suit jackets and collared shirts, please wear ties. We also encourage the following cranial accessories: top hats, fedoras, bowlers, pillboxes, cloche, fascinators, or headbands.

Now here’s where the fun comes in: somewhere in your outfit, incorporate something silly. Some vibes you can go for are: nerdy, geeky, steampunk, goth, vintage, or retro. It can be a necklace, earrings, cufflinks, tie, socks, hat - whatever. We want one silly part of why we love you out there. Other than that, you don’t have to get something that specifically marketed for bridesmaids, groomsmen, or a wedding. Just get anything interesting and comfortable that’s sort of dressy. Plus, it’ll probably end up being more affordable, and you'll be able to reuse it. That's always a plus :D

For the guests, if you want to go along with this, too, go right ahead. It’ll be fun. Extra formal attire isn’t necessary, but if that’s what you like, please go all out :)

Here are some sites that may help you out:

-ArchieMcPhee.com - Accessories - Similar to ThinkGeek, but a lot more random. They also have those weird bacon flavoured products, like gum and mints. Not as tasty as you’d think.

-The Blonde Swan Hat Boutique - Accessories - Hats in the following categories: fantasy, pirate, renaissance, steampunk, and victorian.

-DadsHats.com - Accessories - Sells many fedoras and bowlers.

-Dessy.com - Clothing and Accessories - It has tons of pretty bridesmaids dresses that aren't too long in a variety of colours. There are also flats that look comfy, if you need something to switch into.

-DraculaClothing.com - Clothing and Accessories - Lots of corsets and pocket watches.

-Etsy.com - Accessories - Sort of like ebay, but with lots of handmade oddities. It may take some searching, but there are lots of beautiful, as well as weird, items on here.

-GentlemansEmporium.com - Clothing and Accessories - It has pocket watches, walking sticks/canes, and really nice men's outfits. There are also women's clothes, but I like their hats the most. The bonnets are awesome.

-Kambriel.com - Clothing and Accessories - Goth clothing for girls and guys. I really love the vests they have for guys. So awesome.

-ModCloth.com - Clothing and Accessories - Has sort of an indie-vibe.

-OffbeatBride.com - Inspiration - Check out other non-traditional couples ideas there. The creator of the site’s book is worth a read, as well.

-SockDreams.com - Accessories - For those of you who need some interesting socks for the big day. Tights and stockings are also sold here.

-ThinkGeek.com - Accessories - I love this site. It sells fun toys, clothes, jewelry, and randomness.

-Unique-Vintage.com - Clothing and Accessories - A little on the expensive side, but sells gorgeous items that look like they’re out of another decade. They ship from California, I believe.

This list will continue to be updated as we find more cool sites :D


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